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Custom Design Data's Dancing School System has been developed to assist dancing schools in operating more efficiently. The advantages of computerizing your school are many.

Records of families can be kept up to date. Classes and the ages of students can be seen at a glance. A Brother/Sister list, to help in scheduling your recital, can be produced at will and will help prevent last-minute conflicts. A program, suitable for being handed out at recitals, can be produced on the system.

Monthly statements can be produced on outstanding monies owed for lessons given. A full general ledger also comes with the system that allows you to keep your books on the system. This will track all your expenses from multiple vendors. Income will be booked when payments are noted. Other income from sales of merchandise and advertising in programs can also be entered on the system. This allows for multiple companies, divisions or schools.

This system has been designed to benefit both small (one studio) and larger dancing schools (those with more than one location). A more detailed description of the package is located here. For further information you may contact us.
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