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Custom Design Data's Wholesale Flower Market System is a versatile accounting system that can track accounts, billing, and inventory for wholesalers.

The Wholesale Flower System was originally written on a System 36 in conjunction with wholesalers in New York.  It has been successfully transferred to the AS400, and is fully Year 2000 compliant.  The system can be integrated with a PC-based network using ODBC or Client Access.  The file structure is DB2 and all files are maintained with DDS specifications. 

The software allows for multiple companies, divisions and departments to be tracked.  It allows for inter-company sales and payables.  If a sale is made by company A to company B, a corresponding payable is created in company B. For more details on the system's capabilities, click here.

Contract work can be arranged for an agreed-upon fee. For further information you may contact us.
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